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Nail Care-Package

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This listing is for one bottle each of the new Let's Go! Quick Dry Top Coat and Prime It Base Coat.

Please choose your scent preference for the top coat and acetone additive.

Top Coat Scents:

CHIQUITITA- playful banana combined with notes of creme brulee, caramel, and custard, with a touch of coconut and mango butter.

DAYDREAM- sweet apricot with a bright mint for a luscious fragrance reminiscent of a late Spring evening, with additional notes of lemon, bergamot and a hint of musk.  

ESCAPADE- a breezy blend of bright orange, cherry, and coconut wrapped in vanilla.  To me this smells like escape to a warm spring retreat.
EVERYDAY- chocolate dipped churro: notes of warm chocolate smothering cinnamon covered crispy dough.
JUMP- toasty, rich coffee swirled through with a spoonful of creamer.
YESTERDAY-a sweet and tart mix of watermelon lemonade to give you all the Summer feels.
Soothe Criminal Scents:

Citrus Scenery- a refreshing blend of Sicilian lemon, juicy lime and oranges and a hint of fresh air after a morning rain.

Cozy Cookie- comforting cinnamon and clove-spiced oatmeal cookies with soft vanilla icing.

Embrace- combining the sweetness of lemon, pluot, and plum with enchanting rose, cassis and bergamot, and finishing notes of black amber and creamy tonka beans, this scent wraps me up in a soothing beautiful warmth.
Floral Fairydust- a breezy combination of wild daisies and pink peonies sparkling with the sweetness of sun-ripened apple, white peach and pear.
Frooot Looops- smells exactly like everyone's favorite sugary sweet and fruity cereal to eat while watching Saturday morning cartoons.
Summer Slushie-  smells of bright, sweet and refreshing blue raspberry slushie.