Looking For Group

The Looking for Group collection is inspired by the online game World of Warcraft which has millions of worldwide players. At one time this game helped pull me out of a dark and lonely place. As a single mother of two, going through divorce and having limited means to go out and socialize, it's where I went to make friends, find those I could relate to and start to laugh again. I made an especially good friend one day in Hellfire Peninsula and 2 years later he became my husband and step-dad to my boys. 
While I don't play as much as I once did, this game will always mean so much to me and be part of our family's story. Ten years ago I was looking for group and now my party members roll with me everywhere.

I've divided the game as a whole into 8 categories and these polishes will each fall into one of the following categories: People, Places, Races, Classes, Instances/Raids, Items, Achievements, and Random. I've chosen elements of the game across all expansions to be inspired by for these polishes.


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