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Looking for Group Collection Patch 1.0.1

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This collection brings the return of all eight original World of Warcraft-inspired polishes in the Looking for Group Collection I launched in August 2018.  Each polish in Patch 1.0.1 (a patch is a software term for the latest version of the game) has a 2.0 formula and will be slightly different from the original version.  The collection has an add-on polish which will be added for free to any order of the full 8-piece collection during the first 48 hours after launch.  The add-on will also be available for purchase separately. 

Cataclysmically Epic 2.0- blackened purple base with a raspberry/gold/green multichrome shift and speckled with green to blue to purple shifting chameleon flakies.

Home Sweet Gnome 2.0- deep rose jelly with red to orange to yellow multichrome shimmer, lavender to gold micro flakes, as well as iridescent yellow glitters, holographic gold micro glitter and red to green shifting square glitters..

Leeeroy Jenkins! 2.0- is a clear topper with both scattered and linear silver holographic pigment, red/orange/gold/green iridescent flakies as well as aqua and gold metallic flakes

Magni Bronzebeard 2.0 bronze metallic base with three different multichrome flakes that shift through bronze/silver/red/copper/gold/green.

Molten Core 2.0- blackened cranberry jelly base with red to green shimmer, as well as red/copper/orange/gold multichrome flakes

Noggenfogger Elixir 2.0is a deep teal jelly base with pink to green to gold shifting shimmer, purple/blue/green iridescent flakies as well as blue and green metallic flakes, holographic micro flakies, and purple to blue shifting chameleon glitter.

Pools of Aggonar 2.0- swampy green multichrome shifting through olive green/forest green/teal and has gold holographic microglitter, red to green shifting glitters, and red to orange to gold to green chameleon flakes.

Soulstone 2.0boysenberry jelly base with green to teal multichrome shimmer, aqua to blue aurora shimmer, as well as metallic blue and shifty pink to blue to gold chameleon flakes.

This listing is for 8 polishes, one of each shade in the collection.

Each bottle is approximately 15 to 17 mL and is an artisan handmade lacquer made by Phoebe Moon in Tracy, CA. Phoebe makes every attempt to keep the polishes uniform but due to small batch creation method some slight variations may occur.

These polishes are all cruelty free and 5 free products meaning they contain no Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, or Camphor.

Photos courtesy of: @phoebemoon14 @judinkanailart @breedlovehoops